BModesto Sea Bottom 2021



Agora Theater, Bioscoop & Congrescentrum

Saturday, September 18, 2021

In the theater of Lelystad, Agora, more than 20 artists will perform on 5 different stages from 19:00 on one evening.

The first festival in 1989 was still modest with five bands spread over two stages. But it soon grew to 8 stages with over 3,200 visitors. Many international and national celebrities made an appearance. The festival even grew into a multi-day event called SeaBottom Jazz Festival.
The demolition of the old Agora, in combination with the tragic event in Het Hemeltje van Volendam, has given the festival a different shape. By order of the fire brigade, the number of visitors was limited from 3,200 to 1,500. That made the organization (Jazz-i foundation) decide to go to a one-day event again.
After the successful 'revival' of SeaBottom on May 25, 2019, we unfortunately had to take a break in 2020 due to Covid 19. But now we have every confidence in our new BModesto Sea Bottom 2021 on September 19, 2021. The programming can be seen at
Then in the Agora from 19:00 on one evening more than 20 artists will perform on 5 different stages. Prior to the festival, a food plaza is open from 5:00 PM in front of the Agora with 8 different food trucks and live music

Practical information

Prior to the festival, a free pop-up concert will be given on every second Saturday of the month in the Gordiaan (in the vacant Sting shop) at 1:30 PM. Free entry and concerts are streamed live. The concerts are held in the context of BModesto Talenten Award. For further information, see

Entrance fees

€ 35


Agora Theater, Bioscoop & Congrescentrum
Agorabaan 12