Festival Sunsation


21/06 to 22/06

Friday 21 June 2024 to Saturday 22 June 2024

The 42nd edition of Festival Sunsation will take place on June 21 and 22, traditionally in and around land art 'Observatorium' by Robert Morris. The organization has announced the first names. Joris van Casteren, Myrthe Nauta and city poet Yasmin Geradts, among others, will take to the stage in the weekend around the summer solstice. The Lelystad organization BASCUL, which provided the evening programming last year, will once again be responsible for programming live electronic music on late Friday evenings this year. The full program will be announced in the run-up to the festival.

Everything of value is defenseless
Whether Flevoland's oldest festival could take place this year remained exciting. The organization, consisting of volunteers, unexpectedly received significantly less provincial subsidy for this edition. "We are doing everything we can with our board to keep Sunsation for Lelystad and Flevoland," says Thom Ummels. 'It is not only a unique poetry festival, but also, like no other cultural event, so closely linked to the identity of the new country of Flevoland. Landscape, nature, history and culture come together here in an almost miraculous way. But we will make it! With a few people, we are doing more and more ourselves in terms of organization and production. In addition, we have a closer collaboration with the young organizers of Bascul. This also fits well with the renewal of our festival.' Sunsation underlines the social and cultural importance of the event, and the difficult financing, by using 'Everything of value is defenseless' as its slogan this year, a sentence from a poem by Lucebert.

New website and promotional film
Sunsation has a new website (www.festivalsunsation.nl) with all information about the festival. You can also become a Friend of Sunsation via the website. You support the festival with a contribution. It is also possible to register for the Open Podium on Friday, June 21. Want to gain stage experience? Want to share your poems with a wide audience? Then register via the contact form, stating 'Open Podium'. Filmmaker Finn van den IJssel, from Lelystad, has made an appealing film of the previous edition of Sunsation. This can be found on the Sunsation website and on YouTube.

Guess the main guest and win a book
Traditionally, the main guest is only announced a few weeks before the longest day. This year too, it will be a surprise which artist will fill the last gap in the program. Is it a poet, writer, performer? Let Sunsation know who you think will be the main act of the 42nd edition and have a chance to win the anniversary book 'Ode to the Sun'. Submit your answer via the contact form on the website: www.festivalsunsation.nl/winactie/.

Unique festival
Festival Sunsation is a two-day festival that takes place every year around the longest day. New generations of Flevolanders are actively involved in the development of Sunsation, including in programming, the management of the organization and in communication. Nature organization Het Flevo-landen is the manager of the Observatory. Land Art Flevoland brings the land art collection in Flevoland to the attention of a wide audience. The Zonnewende Flevoland Foundation organizes the festival.

Festival Sunsation starts on Friday, June 21 at 8:00 PM and ends on Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 AM. Sunsation remains free to enter. Spending the night on the festival site, in a tent, caravan or camper, is also free. More information can be found at www.festivalsunsation.nl.