Free cool workshops at the Cruyff Court in Lelystad


29/06 to 13/07

Cruyff Court Lelystad

Wednesday 29 June 2022 until Wednesday 13 July 2022

Especially for children between 8 and 15 years old, there are free fun, creative workshops on six Wednesdays in the summer. The kick-off is on Wednesday 29 June at 1.45 pm at the Cruyff Court Aron Winter Veld in the Atoll district in Lelystad.

Try out what you like

Children can participate in various workshops for free on Wednesday 29 June, 6 and 13 July between 2.15 pm and 4.45 pm. Professionals introduce them to, for example, dance, drawing/painting and playing the guitar in a fun, playful way. 'Lessons that you can take not only at the Kubus, but at various dance schools, theater associations and music teachers from Lelystad. We are working together to show how great the cultural offer in our city is', explains director Alex van Zijl of Kubus.

Even after the summer holidays

Do the children want to continue after participating, but there is no money at home? Then the Youth Fund Sport & Culture pays for the lessons. Registration can be arranged immediately on the spot. 'Together with the Youth Fund, we do everything we can to help parents financially, so that money is not the obstacle to not joining an association. Children of parents on a tight budget can come to the Fund, whereby the membership and the instruments or the clothing are paid for through the Fund', says Van Zijl. Workshops will also take place at the Aron Winter Veld after the summer holidays. On Wednesday 31 August and 7 and 14 September, the youth is again very welcome.

Unique collaboration

Cultuur@CruyffCourts was created thanks to a unique collaboration between the Youth Fund Sport & Cultuur and the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The project makes the connection between sport and culture, so that even more children and young people can enjoy themselves on the Cruyff Courts. In 2022, 25 Cruyff Courts throughout the Netherlands will participate.

Culture at Cruyff Court

A Cruyff Court is a small football field made of artificial grass. The Courts are a project of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, of which Johan Cruyff is one of the founders. Although primarily focused on football, the Foundation considers it an advantage if other sports and games take place, and now also culture.

Kick-off by Aron Winter

Aron Winter is a former professional football player and ambassador of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. He will kick off Cultuur@CruyffCourts in Lelystad on Wednesday 29 June at 1.45 pm. Nice detail: the first Cruyff Court in the Netherlands was the Cruyff Court Aron Winter Veld in Lelystad.

For more information, go to www.dekubuslelystad.nl


Cruyff Court Lelystad
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