Trunk Market in Lelystad



Kofferbakmarkt 2022

Sunday 29 May 2022

Trunk market is restarting after the corona period

The first car boot market of this year will be held on Sunday 29 May. Due to the renovation developments of the Agorahof, the trunk market is moving to the Stadhuisplein and the Stadhuisstraat. A maximum of 85 cars can participate, full is full.
Due to the rising costs, we are also forced to make participation a little more expensive. Participation is possible from 20 euros per car, depending on the size of the sales place.

Participants come from all over the country. “They really come from everywhere. You notice that the car boot market is also popular after the Corona. “In recent years I was regularly approached with the question whether the trunk market will come back, that says something about the interest”; according to Peter Rijsenbrij, of the events and organization agency of the same name. He organizes the car boot market on Sunday 29 May from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Stadhuisplein and Stadhuisstraat.

“Hopefully it will be pleasantly busy again and that will give the Stadshart some excitement, because that is really necessary. Everyone wants to have something to do on Sunday and buy or sell something, which is why they go to the Kofferbakmarkt.” If it is not possible to make it on May 29, there will be even more new opportunities in 2022 on the last Sundays of June, July and August.

During the car boot market, Konditorei Noor is open for coffee and there is a toilet facility there. There is also a fries and poffertjes stall. Peter Rijsenbrij: “A car boot market is a paradise for the snooper and collector. After all, you never know what will appear in people's homes. It is always a surprise to take a look around the car boot market. People often go home with unexpected bargains, which is what makes it so much fun. It's all about fun and the atmosphere for me.”
Register only through the website. Watching is free. A pitch is available from 20 euros.

For registrations and information about the Trunk Market: www.kofferbakmarktlelystad.nl


Kofferbakmarkt 2022