Herb garden Polderkol


19/06 until October 2024

Kruidentuin Polderkol

The Kruidenluiden Foundation, in close collaboration with the Polderkol, has transformed the organic herb garden from a production garden into a visitor garden. The Kruidenluiden Foundation wants to facilitate the herb garden for visitors and education. The herb garden has more than 300 species of plants, all of which aim to promote people's health. Most plants are native. Our preference is for Dutch plants, but sometimes the border with what is native or not is very difficult to draw, especially here in the Flevopolder (because this country has only existed for such a short time). Our goal is that if the plant has a medicinal effect and can thrive in the garden, it will be very welcome.

Some of the herbs (about 65 species) are intended for the production and manufacture of herbal products. There are fairly large “beds” of these plants. Because large quantities of herbs are present, this gives the opportunity to use the herbs to make fresh herbal tea or during activities and courses. This allows interaction with the plants: picking, smelling and tasting. We have done our best to transform the garden into a pleasant visitor garden.

Come visit us

You can admire the plants and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
It is possible to watch how the herbs for herbal tea are harvested and dried.

To make the herb garden even more attractive, we have done our best to transform the garden into a pleasant visitor garden.

  • There are cozy seating areas.
  • There are options for activities.
  • A cup of herbal tea can be enjoyed.
  • There is information about the garden, the production process and the herbs.
  • There is a shop with herbal products from De Polderkol.
  • There are plant sales of most plants found in the garden



Kruidentuin Polderkol
Jupiterweg 6