Lecture 'Addicted to being the same' – Lammert Kamphuis



Aan ut Water

Wednesday June 19, 2024

At the invitation of the Kiwanis Club Lelystad, writer and philosopher Lammert Kamphuis will give a lecture about his second book entitled 'Addicted to being equal'.

A book that set many tongues and pens in motion. For Kamphuis it was a kind of sequel to his book 'Philosophy for an unparalleled life', published in 2020. The young philosopher is one of the most inspiring speakers of the moment. He looks at the many changes in life in a sparkling and humorous way. During several editions of Lowlands he made a stunning impression on his audience and mocked the idea that we should have an opinion about everything.

He breaks through our attitude full of ingrained beliefs. “We need to approach life with less freneticism and more curiosity,” is his own belief. “Life is like waking up on a stage. The play you ended up in has already started. There is no dress rehearsal scheduled for life. You only have one chance,” he explains a tip of his philosophical approach.

In his philosophy of life he is based on the statement that it is not the things that confuse us, but our sometimes unfounded ideas about them. Kamphuis is a much sought-after speaker who has already spoken by invitation to, among others, The School of Life, the Police Academy, the Ministry of the Interior, the Schiphol Airport Directorate & Management, the business network of Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, during the Oerol Festival on Terschelling and the Museum Night Amsterdam.

The lecture will take place in restaurant 'Aan ut Water' (Overstag 20 - Flevo Marina) on Wednesday, June 19 - Start at 8 p.m. Entrance tickets for €22.50 are available via info@kiwanislelystad.nl.


Aan ut Water
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