Marker Wadden Sunset – Sailing ship Bounty


10/04 to 28/08


Sunday 10 April 2022 to Sunday 28 August 2022

Sail like an explorer with this square-rigged sailing ship to the newest part of the Netherlands, the Marker Wadden, and enjoy a beautiful sunset there.

This is a unique opportunity to sail alone or together with friends or family and enjoy sailing. Due to the combination of sailing to this beautiful nature reserve and a beautiful sunset, this package offers all the ingredients for a fun or romantic evening out. Our bar and galley are open during the cruise.

After arrival, take a walk along the beaches, through the dunes or mudflats in search of the right spot to capture the Sunset.
After sunset you come back on board and we sail back to Lelystad in the dark with a special surprise.


  • 18:00 The skipper and crew warmly welcome the guests on board with an appropriate welcome drink.
  • After the palaver, the moorings will be released at 6.30 pm and the ship will leave the harbor. After the sails have been hoisted, you can get a cool drink at the bar and settle into the red lounge cushions on the deck, have a chat with the other participants and we sail towards the newest part of the Netherlands. During the cruise you can order tasty food or snacks at the bar.
  • Arrival at 20:00 visitor island Marker Wadden. When the ship is safely moored, step onto the island and take a walk along the beaches, through the dunes or mudflats in search of the right spot to capture the “Sunset”.
  • Once the sunset has passed, you will come back on board at 9:00 PM and we will sail back in the dark. No not dark! Bounty is beautifully lit with an LED light show with different atmospheric colors on the sails. Enjoy this unforgettable experience!
  • Return at 22:30 Bataviahaven Lelystad.

Sail along on this beautiful two-master and be one of the first to experience a beautiful Sunset on the Marker Wadden.

  Price: 65 euros per person Children 4 to 12 years: 34.50 euros per person
Children 0 to 3 years: FREE

Would you also like to experience this pleasant evening on the water and island?
Register in good time, so that we can prepare the organization properly.

This package includes unlimited use of coffee/tea and flavored water.
Other drinks, food and snacks can be ordered at the bar at the bar for a PIN, cash or credit card.


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