Spectacular exhibition 'Ice Age Flevoland: From hippo to Neanderthal'.


19/03 to 16/06

Erfgoedpark Batavialand

Saturday 19 March 2022 to Thursday 16 June 2022

On March 19, the exhibition 'Ice Age Flevoland: From hippopotamus to Neanderthal' will be opened in the museum of Batavialand.

This exhibition tells the fascinating story of the animal life in the Ice Age and the life of the Neanderthals in this part of the lost Doggerland, a vast area from the Netherlands to England, also known as the Atlantis of the North Sea.

More than a hundred thousand years ago, hippos bobbed in the wetland landscape at the site of the current IJsselmeer. They lived here together with other subtropical mammals, such as lions, hyenas and giant - now extinct - forest elephants. Skeletal remains of these animals have emerged during dredging work for the construction of Marker Wadden and IJburg near Amsterdam, but also during the reclamation of the IJsselmeer. Many fossil bones have been collected and examined by a team of experts. They determined that the bones belonged to this heat-loving mammalian fauna from a so-called interglacial period, an interglacial of the Ice Age. That interglacial is known as the Eemian, named after the river Eem in the province of Utrecht. This period lasted from 126,000 to 116,000 years ago.

Tools of Neanderthals have also been found, who inhabited this part of the decayed Doggerland from 126,000 years ago until the end of the Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago. All these archaeological finds, including some very rare but very well preserved skeletal remains such as bones and teeth, are the ingredients for a fascinating and instructive exhibition for young and old.

'Ice Age Flevoland: From hippo to Neanderthal' is an initiative of the AWN Dutch Archeology Association, department of Flevoland. The exhibition will be opened on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 3:00 PM, after a symposium on these archaeological finds. The exhibition will be on display until mid-June.

In addition to the Symposium on March 19, lectures will be given by various experts on May 14. For more information, see: www.batavialand.nl/agenda

Photo 1: Ice age giants: Dick Mol and Frans Roescher, citizen scientists with a huge thigh bone of an extinct forest elephant that once inhabited the IJsselmeer area, about 125,000 years old! 

Photo 2: Jan Boes, chairman of the AWN Dutch Archeology Association – Flevoland Department with a skull of an extinct steppe bison that emerged during the reclamation of Flevoland. 


Erfgoedpark Batavialand
Oostvaardersdijk 113