Butterfly counting day Kuinderbos 2022




Sunday 24 July 2022

Come and count butterflies in the Kuinderbos!

Forest ranger Harco Bergman of Staatsbosbeheer is organizing a large butterfly count for the seventh time in the Kuinderbos (Noordoostpolder) during the national butterfly count of De Vlinderstichting. Harco is looking for people who like to count butterflies on Sunday afternoon 24 July. If you have (some) butterfly knowledge, that is very helpful.

The presentation by Kars Veling of the Butterfly Foundation has been cast in a YouTube film. This allows the butterfly counters to prepare optimally at home. In the film, Kars shows the peculiarities of the different butterfly species and explains which characteristic butterflies you can spot in the Kuinderbos. On the butterfly counting day itself, counting is done in small groups. There are 30 counting routes, spread over the entire Kuinderbos. Everyone gets a butterfly search card that you can keep to continue searching at home. The counting results will be announced immediately that afternoon. Everyone who participates will receive the results by email.

Forest ranger Harco does a lot to make and keep the Kuinderbos attractive for butterflies, such as forest edge management, phased mowing, mowing and drainage and attuning the grazing to butterflies. This has its effect, because the Kuinderbos is now rich in many butterfly species. During the butterfly count in 2021, 3,468 butterflies of 27 different species were counted with about 60 volunteers. Help make the Kuinderbos the largest wild butterfly garden in the Netherlands again and sign up with forester Harco Bergman.

The count will take place on Sunday 24 July from 1:00 PM to approximately 3:00 PM in the Kuinderbos (Noordoostpolder). Pre-register via the form: https://forms.gle/Q77bH7gHnhZVvFgZ6.


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