Singing In Lelystad


10/10 to 12/06

Theater Posa

Saturday 10 October 2020 to Saturday 12 June 2021

A wonderful morning of relaxed singing, that's what you do at 'Zingen In Lelystad'. No choir you have to join, rehearses for concerts, practices a lot and has to wait a long time for each other. It does have a walk-in choir where everyone who likes to sing is welcome. Relaxed singing, music that you quickly sing along, singing pleasure and warm piano accompaniment. So a singing party! The music that is sung consists of world music, canons traditionals and a single pop song. Usually they sing in harmony. Learning is relaxed and fast, even if you cannot read notes. So come and get involved!

'Singing In Lelystad' is a walk-in choir where everyone is welcome, a relaxed singing moment with a lot of singing. So a singing party. The music that is sung consists of accessible world music, canons, traditionals and a single pop song. Singing is performed in unison as well as in polyphony, in which singing pleasure and lots of singing are central. Singing In Lelystad is accessible to everyone. You don't have to become a member, but only pay when you come.
Singing In Lelystad is under the inspiring leadership of Petra Overeem. Sharing the joy of singing is her passion. Full of enthusiasm she gives people the space to sing together in a relaxed way and enjoy beautiful sounds.
The accompaniment is provided in an inspiring way by Joshua Buijnink, pianist with Just the Two of Us and Bubblegumm and 'Sugar, sweetener for the soul'. His accompaniment makes singing an even bigger party.


Theater Posa
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