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From an international shopping mecca to a voyage of discovery through national history!

Come and enjoy life and experience the premium leisure offer from us Bataviakwartier. Strolling along the boulevard, a visit to the shops, museums, restaurants and harbor can easily be combined in one day. In the Bataviakwartier there is plenty to do to keep young and old entertained all day long.

Just like the offer, the facilities are of high quality. The good accessibility, the ample parking facilities and clear information contribute to a relaxing day out. The boulevard invites you to have a snack or a drink in one of the cozy catering establishments in and around the outlet, the heritage park or the Bataviahaven, where boats also moor.


The port combines its luxurious facilities for water sports enthusiasts with conviviality: in addition to the many catering establishments, the port is home to (water sports) events with international allure. Since 2019 in Bataviahaven: the ferry to the Marker Wadden.

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is located along our coast. This charming shopping center with atmospheric streets, squares and unique architecture is a shopping mecca for real fashion lovers from all over the world. More than 250 international fashion & lifestyle brands are waiting to inspire you with the latest trends, must-haves and more. In Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet 150 stores of national and international fashion brands offer stylish collections with high discounts.

Not only your wardrobe is replenished after a visit to Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet; you can also indulge yourself in jewelery, chocolate and even innovative kitchenware. Want to relax? Relax and settle down in one of the trendy cafes or inviting restaurants.

Batavialand Museum

We in Lelystad are proud of our history and proud of the formation of our polder. Batavialand offers both small and large visitors to the Bataviakwartier a voyage of discovery through our (inter) national history. A history shaped by life on the border of land and water. Water as a bitter enemy, water as a source of trade and prosperity. Batavialand brings our fight against water to life - the reclamation and dike construction - but also the voyages of discovery, overseas trade and the specialist knowledge that the Netherlands exports. Where Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Lely logically meet each other as symbols for the foundation of Dutch society and culture.

With a trip to the interactive museum Batavialand you will learn more about 7,000 years of life on the border of land and water, while the children have fun with a spectacular voyage of discovery. Find out how the sea influenced the lives of ancient humans, explorers and sailors. At the outdoor location, the wharf, you will find many more activities for the whole family: learn a craft, go on a tour of De Batavia or do the exciting blacklight scavenger hunt. In addition, there is much more to experience in and around the museum!

Ship the Batavia

If you enjoy stories full of suspense, intrigue and drama, visit Batavialand and climb aboard this special VOC ship; The Batavia.

In 1628 the Peperwerf in Amsterdam delivered the Batavia. This mirror return ship was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). At the end of October 1628 the ship left Texel with the final destination of the Dutch East Indies.

Climb aboard and discover everything about the VOC era and the one-way journey from the Batavia.

Beach & The squatting man

Water sports are alive in Lelystad! And what better place for kite surfing than on a brand new beach, along a beautiful view of our iconic Exposure and the Houtrib locks on the Markermeer! In recent years, the Province of Flevoland, together with Rijkswaterstaat, a group of enthusiastic kite surfers from the Hoekipa Dijk Foundation, local wind and kite surfers and other stakeholders, have worked hard on the realization of a 400-meter-long beach intended for small water sports. Or of course to just get a breath of fresh air.

Next to this beach is a huge crouching iron man. This 26 meter high steel giant gazes eternally from the Bataviahaven in Lelystad, on the border of land and water, towards the Markemeer, a clever example of technology. With his appearance he lures you from afar. He seems to be entering a different, curious dimension with the ever-changing Dutch skies as a backdrop. Does he also raise questions for you? Do pay him a visit, but know that he will let you go without answering your questions.

The boulevard of Bataviahaven

With its location on the water, Batavia Kwartier is a great place to stay. You can sit on the quay and look away over the vast water. A perfect place for those who like a vibrant environment.

There are spacious apartments and luxurious penthouses on the boulevard of Bataviahaven. This new residential complex was built in an Amsterdam atmosphere. The sturdy building matches the industrial atmosphere of the port. The clean lines and characteristic high windows are reminiscent of the iconic Amsterdam harbor buildings. The color of the robust bricks give it a modern twist.

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