Marker Wadden

One of the largest nature restoration projects in Western Europe

Discover the newest islands in the Netherlands: Marker Wadden, a unique project that contributes to the nature restoration of the Markermeer.

The Markermeer was created in 1976 by the construction of the dike between Enkhuizen and Lelystad, whereby the water was cut off from the sea and rivers. The Markermeer once had a rich plant and animal life, with many algae and aquatic plants. This situation changed due to the disappearance of the natural dynamics of the area. The situation will be restored by the construction of islands with sand, clay and silt from the bottom of the Markermeer. The ambition is to turn the Marker Wadden into a large island group of 10,000 hectares. This makes it one of the largest nature restoration projects in Western Europe.

Nature in the Markermeer is given an enormous boost by creating favorable living conditions for aquatic plants, shellfish, birds and fish. There will be islands with natural banks and spawning grounds. This creates a robust new nature reserve with clear water in the heart of the Netherlands. A pearl where life is good for migratory birds, fish, other animal species, and certainly also for people.


The islands are very easily accessible. Natuurmonumenten thinks it is important that the islands are accessible to people. This was therefore well thought out during the project. For example, the harbor mouth is wide enough to moor and there is a beautiful beach of 800 meters behind the harbor. There are hiking trails, deck paths, bird watching huts and a watchtower with a view of the beautiful nature.

Ferry service

Natuurmonumenten has been offering a ferry service to the first island since April 2019. Together with several shipping companies, we managed to arrange a ferry trip to Marker Wadden on various days. Tickets can be booked on www.markerwadden.nl. There is also the schedule with the different sailing days and times. The harbor is also accessible by your own boat and there are various charters that offer trips to the Marker Wadden.

More info? Then take a look at the Marker Wadden website

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