Natural Park

Come face to face with special animal species in a beautiful setting

Face to face with a herd of Przewalski horses or a group of rooting pigs? Discover many special animal species in a beautiful setting in Nature Park Lelystad.

Nature Park Lelystad is an important link for many endangered animal species on the way to a life in the wild. For example, the Nature Park is the habitat of the bison, wild boar, red deer, Przewalski horse or even the moose. Storks, otters, beavers, mouflons and Father David's deer also live in the park. The animals live in large habitats so it is always a challenge to spot the animals. There is an extensive system of kilometers of walking and cycling paths along the animals with picnic areas at various places
The park has a restaurant with a fantastic view over the central lake and there is a visitor center where you can buy a map, rent a bicycle or obtain information. Groups can explore the park by boat or excursion vehicle led by a guide.

The visitor center

The starting point for all activities in Nature Park Lelystad is the visitor center. Here you will find a beautiful exhibition, a game for children and the possibility to watch a film. A little further on, children can build a beaver lodge. The hosts are happy to receive the guests in the shop full of gadgets and gifts. The visitor center is open daily from 12 noon to 5 pm (in the months of November to March until 4 pm). There is much more to do around the visitor center. There is a nature play park, a water garden and an outdoor theater.

Please note that the opening hours of the visitor center may change due to holidays, current events / restrictions. Therefore, always check the Nature Park website for the current opening times prior to your visit.

Compose your own walking or cycling route

The router machine is located next to the entrance to the visitor center. Compile your own walking or cycling route here based on personal choices. For example, go for a short route along the otters or a long route along the wild boars.

Rent a bike!

You can rent bicycles at the Nature Park for € 5.50 per day. Do you have any children? No problem; some bicycles have one or two child seats. There are also children's bicycles for rent. A side-by-side bike is available for rent especially for people with a disability. On this bicycle, the riders sit next to each other, with one person steering. A duo bike costs € 5.50 per bike per day. The bicycles may only be used within the park. You can rent bicycles during the opening hours of the visitor center.

A delicious cup of coffee or lunch after the walk?

The restaurant Hajé Natuurpark is located in the heart of Nature Park Lelystad. You can go there for more than just fresh coffee and cake or a tasty, healthy lunch. The restaurant is open every day from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can visit us until 6 p.m. on weekends. For more information about the restaurant, the menu, packages and much more, visit the Hajé website.

Activities and excursions

There is a packed program with fixed and changing excursions, children's activities, workshops and events.
Did you know that it is also possible to do group excursions through Nature Park Lelystad with the excursion car, the excursion boat, the foot carriage or a combination of these?

The current program and more information about the park and activities can be found at www.flevolandschap.nl

For more information:

Information about your visit to the nature park is subject to change and is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, always take a look at the website of the Flevolandschap and on the social media of the Natural Park.

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