New Land National Park

The largest man-made nature park in the world!

Consisting of four unique nature reserves, Nieuw Land National Park is the largest man-made nature park in the world. Oostvaardersplassen, Lepelaarplassen, the Markermeer and the Marker Wadden all owe their existence to the largest reclamation project in the world: the reclamation of Flevoland.

Nieuw Land National Park consists of no less than 29,000 hectares of nature. This youngest national park in the Netherlands is literally located at the bottom of the former Zuiderzee. No wonder that this unique location is the favorite place of countless animals.

Experience the new land

Nature in Nieuw Land National Park is unique. Although man gave the first impetus, it was nature that created unique, sometimes un-Dutch landscapes. The peace, space and abundance of food act like a magnet on a still growing number of different animals in this nature reserve. Come by and experience the nature of this new country for yourself.

Do you also come to spot animals?

The edges of the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve are freely accessible, and the wilderness is also easy to experience from one of the many vantage points. The countless bird species in this area are easy to spot from the bird huts. Also large grazers such as red deer, konik horses and Heck cattle are usually clearly visible. Smaller animals such as fox, deer and hare usually require a little better research.

Unique in the Netherlands

The Nieuw Land National Park attracts various special animal species. Think, for example, of (yes) flamingos in the wild. Yet only one animal can be the park's icon. Namely; The bald eagle. This large bird of prey, which was hardly ever found in the Netherlands, chose Nieuw Land as the place to be the first to settle and breed again. The bald eagle is adventurous and imposing. The wingspan goes up to 2.5 meters. Nieuw Land is the place to see a sea eagle in the Netherlands. And of course the many other (special) animal species.

Much more than animals

Besides spotting animals, there is much more to see and do. Whether it is a long hike or an active activity, nothing is too crazy. That is why Nieuw Land has made a handy to-do list. What will your next adventure be ?!

Hiking area par excellence

Nieuw Land National Park is a perfect walking area with 21 different routes. From challenging routes via loose grass paths to adventurous walking routes on paved paths. Be surprised and discover un-Dutch landscapes. Always look up and see different birds. Maybe a bald eagle! For an overview of the walking routes, see the website of Nieuw Land National Park.

Are you coming too?

Information about a visit to the Nieuw Land National Park is subject to change and is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, always take a look at the official website of the park.

What's more to do?

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