Work island

The place of pioneering in the polder

Welcome to a unique chapter in Dutch history. The Werkeiland is the place where Lelystad started. The battle against the waters of the Zuiderzee was won here when the first pile, called plot P, was driven into the IJsselmeer on October 31, 1949. This was to indicate where the Werkeiland should be located. Many polder workers have worked hard on ir. Lely's revolutionary and innovative project to reclaim land from the IJsselmeer. This makes the Flevopolder the largest artificial island in the world to this day. Something that we as pioneers are proud of!

Breathe the history

The traces of the former life of the earlier pioneers are still clearly visible.
The former stone barracks have been renovated into homes and are now proudly inhabited. The 'Hotel Pension de Lange Jammer' was used as a kitchen for the workers in the 1950s. The Wortman pumping station and the Wortman lock, with a height difference of 6 meters, together form the technological heritage of the drainage mill. Come and take a walk along these impressive infrastructural works and experience for yourself how far Lelystad lies below the NAP!

Walking and cycling

This historic island is ideal for (short) walking tours. There is more than enough to tell about the unique environment. Therefore, use the (online) Werkeiland hiking route guide if you want to dive deeper into history.

Are you on a bike, or have you not gone out for a walk yet? Then use the Waterwandelweg. This is a 3.6 kilometer long route that starts at Bataviaplein and runs through the beautiful Batavia harbor to Werkeiland. This route over our coastline is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Lelystad.

Walking route work island

Walk on Werkeiland and taste its rich history. Click on the link below to download the online walking route. In addition, the physical brochure can be found at the information points in the City Hall and at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet.

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