Secret of Lelystad: Buytenplaets Suydersee


Monday 16 May 2022

Who wouldn't want to take a look at a very special campsite on a sunny day? A campsite where every overnight stay is a party. Where you can sleep in a pipowagen, a sea container, a tree house and even in a sewer pipe. Buytenplaets Suydersee is the fourth Secret of Lelystad and opened its doors especially for the occasion and also had nice surprises. The free coffee was ready and everyone who booked an overnight stay on site received a whopping 50% discount! Everyone could take a look at the various accommodations and explore the friendly, pleasant campsite. That opportunity was certainly used. A number of Lelysted residents took a look and were surprised about this cozy campsite in their own city. The tree house and the pipowagen were especially popular. Emma thought it was a good idea to spend the night at the campsite, especially when she discovered that there are a few rabbits living on the property that like to be petted. “I would really like to sleep in that pipowagen one day, preferably with my sister, she also really likes rabbits”, says Emma. Besides the accommodations, the alpacas, the rabbits and the coffee, there was another special activity: an escape caravan. An initiative by an entrepreneur from Lelystad that provided the necessary hilarity and exciting moments on this already fun day. For example, participants had to look for a key to the front door, switch on the light in the caravan and then find out the correct number combination to press the red button. And all this under considerable time pressure!


Lelystad's next secret
The unveiling of the fourth secret was a success. Thursday 19 May it is time for the fifth secret. And this time too, we are already lifting a corner of the veil: enjoy, green and relax.

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