Secret of Lelystad: Green Fields Days


Monday 23 May 2022

The fifth Secret of Lelystad is located just north of Lelystad. It is a place where nature, creativity and entrepreneurship come together. Where the true pioneering spirit reigns: The Green Fields† Last weekend, no fewer than ten entrepreneurs opened their doors to interested parties. A large number of Lelysted residents accepted the invitation of the entrepreneurs and came to this unique place to take a look behind the scenes and to participate in the activities. There were quite a few. Wine lovers got their money's worth vineyard El Placer† In addition to a walk through the vineyard, a secret within a secret was also revealed: the introduction of the Rose 2021. And with success, because everyone present reacted enthusiastically: “Delicious!”, “A very mature Rosé”, “This tastes like more” and "It's going to be a beautiful summer." Training stable Unique was very popular, especially with younger visitors. They were given plenty of space to get acquainted with the ponies, to take care of them and to give them some treats. The other entrepreneurs were also in the spotlight. By Atelier the Green Meadow to the orchard of Van Daele Fruit and from Gea's Flower Jewelry to the atmospheric home store 'The Garden House'† It was two successful days! “It is always nice to be here and to take a look at all the entrepreneurs. Really wonderful to get on your bike, cycle here, then buy some plants for the garden and drink a cup of tea on the terrace at Eva's Keukentuin”, said one of an enthusiastic visitor. Not been this weekend? No worries. Another Green Fields weekend is planned for September 17 and 18!

Lelystad's next secret
The next secret will be revealed next Thursday. A secret that stands for fashion. Keep the Facebook and Instagram of Lelystad closely.