Secret of Lelystad: Mountain bike path especially for children


Monday, April 25, 2022

Lelystad offers a large number of secrets. During twelve weeks these will be revealed by the entrepreneurs who are the driving force behind 'The Secret of Lelystad'. The first secret was revealed on Saturday 23 April by alderman Luc Baaten: a mountain bike trail especially for children. That was an instant hit.

A sun-drenched day on which the children present discovered the unique course together with their parents and once they had crossed the finish line, they were all so enthusiastic that they immediately wanted another round. This was true for both experienced mountain bikers and the children who were riding a mountain bike for the first time.
“The course goes up and down nicely and those bends are really great, I was able to go through them at full speed.” said thirteen-year-old Hidde. The parents present were also super enthusiastic, despite the fact that they had never been on a mountain bike before. “I am a novice mountain biker and I had to get used to it, but it is really fun to do, especially that after every climb you are rewarded with a descent. It's great to be active together!" At two points on the course, the real daredevils can make it even more exciting and go through the water.
Several children took up this challenge, such as ten-year-old Lara. Her mother beamed with pride: “Really something for her to do this, she loved it and was beaming from ear to ear. I am sure we will go again during the May holidays.”

Start locations mountain bike path for children
There are two official starting spots. You can start from the parking lot at the Zuigerplasbos on the Zuigerplasdreef or start from the parking lot at the end of the Bosweg in Lelystad. At the start of the route there is an information board with explanations. You can easily find the route by following 'Druppie' (illustration of a drop).

Lelystad's next secret
The next secret will be revealed at the end of this week. What it is exactly, remains a surprise for a while, but it has to do with water, miniature golf and discounts for all residents of our city. This can not be missed. Keep the Facebook and Instagram of Lelystad closely.