Always clean wind

Attention kitesurfers: the newest kitesurfing beach in the Netherlands, home base of the NK Kitesurfing and that is not without reason.

Due to its location on the Markerstrekdam, Bataviastrand is a perfect place to get out on the water and show your skills. Because the wind that blows here does not suffer from obstacles and is therefore always clean. This place is also more than worthwhile for non-kite surfers, because from the beach you have a perfect view of all the spectacular stunts. And besides that you can take a selfie with the iconic statue'Exposure'. A work of art no less than twenty-six meters high, weighing 60,000 kilos and made up of 18,000 parts of hot-dip galvanized steel. It is popularly called 'the squatting man'.

This beach was constructed by Rijkswaterstaat on behalf of the province of Flevoland in response to a group of enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts united in Stichting Hoekipadijk.
This water sports beach is popular among water sports enthusiasts. Other visitors are of course also welcome. Please note that the Bataviastrand is designed for water sports and the bathing water quality is not supervised. Swimming is at your own risk.


Markerstrekdam 1, 8242 PN Lelystad

52.52745429695554, 5.425931667116917