Het Belevenissenbos

Lelystad also has plenty to offer for children! The Belevenissenbos, as the largest play forest in the Netherlands (!), Ensures that your child does not have to be bored for a moment.

Largest play forest in the Netherlands
Lelystad also has plenty to offer for children! The Belevenissenbos takes care of it largest play forest in the Netherlands (!) so that your child does not have to be bored for a moment. However, do not be afraid to bring your family, relatives or friends for a fun adventurous day outdoors!

Plenty to see / do
With an area of no less than 40 hectares, Lelystad has the largest, most adventurous and most educational play forest in the Netherlands. With over 140 playground equipment along and over the water, various walking and cycling routes and plenty of seating areas, picnic tables and facilities, the Belevenissenbos ensures that you can organize your day as you wish. Whether you fancy an active afternoon full of discovery and adventure, or you prefer to sit back and enjoy the surroundings, nothing is too crazy!

More than a play forest
The vast area is especially suitable for those in the 6 to 16 year age group. This is the age that children learn to discover their environment and develop skills to survive in their 'natural' environment. The Belevenissenbos offers them such a beautiful natural environment consisting of forest, water and meadow. Real nature! The educational aspect has been shaped by basing the elaboration of the play areas on four themes: sports & exercise, water management, archeology & prehistory and nature education.

Knowing more?
The Belevenissenbos is maintained by Stichting Belevenissenbos Lelystad and by hard-working volunteers. The visit to this play paradise in nature is also at your own risk. We recommend that you visit the website adventissenbos.nl to check for visitor information, location info, frequently asked questions, info about visiting with larger groups or even camping options.
See also the Facebook page of Het Belevenissenbos For further information.
You can contact the foundation via the contact form www.belevenissenbos.nl/contact.

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