A beautiful piece of varied nature

In the early years of Lelystad, the place where the mountain forest is now was used for dumping mainly construction waste. This heap of waste has been covered with soil and planted with trees, allowing nature to continue its work and develop into a beautiful piece of varied nature. With differences in height of several tens of meters, this 12 hectare unique piece of forest of Flevoland in Lelystad's organic agricultural area on the Bronsweg was created in a relatively short time.
This forest, on top of a pile of construction waste made of stones and concrete, lives up to its name. There is a varied flora and fauna around and on this mountain. Here, variation in relief creates variation in nature. A part of the Bergbos has now even been designated as a reserve. This gives nature here the opportunity to develop itself. The Bergbos is one of the municipal forest areas and accessible to hikers, horse riders, mountain bikers and nature lovers.
This forest area was once the first dumping ground for construction waste in Lelystad. Many chicken coops and sheds in the city were built from material collected here. When the landfill was full, it was given a forest and nature destination. The waste was covered with a soil layer and you will experience the result in the Bergbos! It is the highest forest in Lelystad and Flevoland. From the top you have a beautiful view over the biologically cultivated fields of the Garden of Lelystad.
The Bergbos is different every season. Silent nature in winter, silhouettes of bare trees (including willows and poplars from the early days of the Bergbos, but also oaks and ash) and shrubs (such as dogwood, rowan, hawthorn, bird cherry) reveal their secrets this season. These include lichens on the bark of branches and trunks and abandoned nests. High in the tree the large nest of a magpie, a few meters above the ground the somewhat untidy nest of the blackbird. Winter visitors such as fieldfares and redwings visit the Bergbos to feast on the fruits.
In spring the Bergbos is exuberant and fresh green, birds are singing the highest song! The tits use the nesting boxes that hang in the Bergbos. Toads, green frogs and the small newts lay their eggs in the pools. In June you can enjoy the beautiful (protected) purple reed orchid. In summer, the greenery is all a bit more mature. Dragonflies and damsels are now also active above the pools. The spring bloom is followed by fruits and seeds, but wild summer flowers are still in full bloom along the hiking trails. Young birds have come of age, a deer drinks from one of the pools and against the slopes the fine lace of fronds. Experiencing autumn in the Bergbos is special, especially on such a quiet, somewhat misty autumn day. Plenty of fruits and birds, the moist scents of digested leaves, mushrooms including very special .......
By collecting prunings in one place, branch creases are created. You will see them everywhere in the Bergbos. Birds such as the robin and blackbirds nest in those branches, and a hedgehog finds shelter there to hibernate. But small mammals such as mice also make use of such a twig crease. In this way prunings get a second life and thus offer more nature for the same money! 



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