Chocolate Company Café Batavia Stad

Chocolate Company Café Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is the place where you can enjoy the one and only Hotchocspoon. In addition, this chocolate wonderland offers many more treats for young and old.

The one and only Hotchocspoon

The Chocolate Company adventure started about 10 years ago, in the kitchen of the first store in Aachen, Germany, with their own Charlie: Chocolate Chef Toussaint. Here they started making real chocolate milk, trying a different flavor each time and then brushing the big hotpots again.

Tous thought: "It must be possible to think of a one-person portion for that ..".

And there he was! The Hotchocspoon, a tasty chunk of chocolate on a spoon that you stir into the hot milk. From then on, the tastiest flavors for these spoons arose, from Speculoos to Cookie-Coconut.

Now available in more than 50 great different flavors! The Hotchocspoon remains the pride and darling of the Chocolate Company, but their range has expanded considerably and in 2009 they even built our own chocolate factory in Kerkrade.

"ChCo" still makes everything there every day, dozens of little hands sticking in the wooden spoons, neatly laying out decorations and sprinkling the crumbs. Craftsmanship, experience and a lot of energy blow through the studio. Then the chocolate is shipped from here to their cafes in the Netherlands and Germany.

And now also available in the chocolate wonderland called: Chocolate Company Café Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet! 

Knowing more?

Then take a look at the site of Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet or on the site of Chocolate Company.

Can be reached by telephone on: 0320 - 85 19 02


Chocolate Company Batavia Stad
Bataviaplein 87
8242 PP Lelystad

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