De Meeuwenhoeve

Party center De Meeuwenhoeve is a great opportunity for your party. We have different rooms, so that there is a suitable space for every group.

From “Koean” to “De Meeuwenhoeve”

In 1975 Meeuwenweg 28 is published as a livestock farm. Harm and Henny Hollander make way in Anderen for the land consolidation and start a new 55 hectare company in the bare Flevopolder. The construction of the company starts in the spring of 1975. On May 20, 1975, the first cut of grass is mowed and the second daughter of the family, Alet, sees the light of day. The first months there is a small caravan in the yard. An uncle lives in the polder and does the work. Harm drives back and forth between the old land and the new land.

The first move took place on 1 October 1975. Harm goes to the polder with the cows. The house is not ready yet. That is why he stays with the neighbors until the house is ready a month later. On November 1, 1975, Henny and the daughters Wilma (5 years) and Alet (6 months) also come to Meeuwenweg and the family is complete again.

The farm is given the name “Koean”: cows from Anden. The calves born on the farm are all named Koean. The farm is one of the last companies to be published in Eastern Flevoland. The Knarbos has only just been planted and the polder is a barren plain.

It is pioneering in the first years and the company is slowly being expanded. Much attention is paid to agricultural nature management, for example Simmentalers are purchased in Austria. During the growing season, these cows grazed in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. In addition to the activities in livestock farming, new plans are gradually being developed and a travel agency for excursions to farms is started on a small scale.

The cows are sold in 1997, there is no successor for the cattle farm. The farmhouse, built entirely of wood, of which about fifteen were built by the Rijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders at the time, is being renovated for new business activities in the field of recreation.

Started in 1998 in De Meeuwenhoeve under the inspiring leadership of Harm Hollander, after he stopped his dairy farm in 2005, Alet Hollander took over the company. She does this with great enthusiasm. The best part is to experience the entire process, from the first meeting to the final party. I enjoy doing this together with my employees.

Party center De Meeuwenhoeve is a great opportunity for your party. We have different halls, so that there is a suitable space for every group.

Also for a business event such as a meeting, Congress or company outing you can contact us.

Because the Meeuwenhoeve is located in a unique location in Flevoland, you can enjoy a wooded area, a large event area and ample parking.

You can walk for hours in this wooded area, the Knarbos, including the Knarpad. 

Are you looking for a location in the beautiful rural Flevoland? We would like to invite you to visit us by appointment. Then we can give you a personal tour of our company. We will be happy to show you the possibilities of our different rooms and together we will make a quotation or size for your party.

Hope to see you again!


De Meeuwenhoeve
Meeuwenweg 28

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