Flevopolder bustour

Join the Flevopolder bus tour. The unique Nieuw Land VR bus takes you through the unique history of the largest artificial island in the world.

The Flevopolder is a large polder area in the Dutch province of Flevoland. The territory of the Flevopolder consists of the polders Eastern Flevoland and Southern Flevoland together. The Flevopolder is therefore, contrary to what the name suggests, not a single polder. The entire area was constructed by human hands and forms the center of gravity of the Zuiderzee Works as well as of the current province of Flevoland. The two parts were reclaimed between 1950-1957 and 1959-1968 respectively.

The area is completely surrounded by water, making it the largest island in the Netherlands. The Flevopolder is also the largest artificial island in the world.

We will pick you up at Koetsierbaan 2 in Almere (opposite the Leonardo hotel) and then take you with our beautiful Nieuwland Bus over the Oostvaardersdijk towards Lelystad. We stop at Zuidersluis and the Blocq van Kuffeler pumping station. In the bus we surprise you with a VR experience and a film about the origin of Flevoland. You get off at Werkeiland Lelystad and the guide takes you over the former island in the IJsselmeer past the pioneer houses, the Noordersluis and the Wortman pumping station. The bus tour continues to the Bataviakwartier, where the former Cantine of the Werkeiland Lelystad has been rebuilt. In the Bataviakwartier you have the opportunity to walk around, visit the Batavialand museum or Bataviawerf or visit the Batavia Fashion Outlet.

We continue the tour to and through the Oostvaardersplassen. At the Praambult we stop and you have a beautiful view over the Oostvaardersplassen and perhaps we can spot the large grazers such as Konik horses.




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