Nationaal Park Nieuw Land

Flevoland has its own National Park: Nieuw Land National Park. The park consists of four nature reserves and is the largest man-made nature park in the world.

The peace, space and abundance of food in this area ensure that the number of different animals in the Oostvaarderplassen is still growing. Here you come face to face with wild cattle, horses and red deer that traverse the plains in the Oostvaardersplassen. Discover the contrast between the rugged nature, the created polder and the wilderness close to the city.

Spoonbill pee
The Lepelaarplassen is an oasis for swamp and water birds. Special bird species settle here all year round. The ditches, ditches and pools are ideal hunting grounds for the great egret, blue heron, spoonbill and bittern. More than two hundred species of birds have already been sighted in the ponds, reed beds and wet grasslands! 

The Markermeer is a beautiful area for water sports. Hardly any other water in the Netherlands has so many options. The experienced water sports enthusiast will certainly enjoy themselves. In calm weather, smaller ships can also sail fine on the Markermeer.

Marker Wadden
The Marker Wadden will be constructed in the Markermeer in the coming years. With sand, clay and silt from the bottom of the Markermeer, land and shallow water are created on which and in which plants, birds and fish can live perfectly. There will also be plenty to do here for people. With a nature harbor, walking routes, bird watching huts and a beach, you will soon be able to get a breath of fresh air, walk and spot birds.

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