organic farms

Peace and quiet, space and, most of all, access to nature

Born and bred in Lelystad, I’ve increasingly come to appreciate the polder as I grow older. Particularly the peace, quiet and space. I love to follow nature, experience fully all the seasons. We live next to the water and in summer we head out in our small boat to go sailing. Taking the dog for a walk, it’s only five minutes before I’m in the woods. I’ve got an allotment, which is also within easy walking distance. As a health food consultant and critical consumer, I know where to source my products. For example, at the organic farms in the neighbourhood (such as ‘De Stek’ and ‘De Groentehof’) and at the health food shops dotted around town (‘Zenith’ and ‘Ekolander’). However, delicious things such as elderflower and brambles can also simply be found in the city’s natural areas. You can eat things straight from nature here.

Locatie’s in de buurt