TOP Boer en Bos Lelystad

TOP Boer en Bos is the start of your exploration of the Lelystad countryside.

PAY ATTENTION! This location is not yet open, it can be visited from the beginning of June.

TOP Boer en Bos is a tourist transfer point at the visitor center of the Nature Park in Lelystad. The ideal starting point to discover the special countryside of Lelystad.

Various signposted cycling and walking routes start from the TOP. En route, meet the hospitable farmers and special animals and marvel at the peace and space that Lelystad has to offer.

From walking along the Big Five...

The Lelystad Nature Park is an important link for many special animal species on the way to a life in the wild. Via the walking route you come face to face with the Big Five of Lelystad; wisent, eland, Przewalski's horse, red deer and Father David's deer. Don't forget to visit the visitor center. Here you will find more information about the Natural Park, an exhibition and various (children's) activities. At the Hajé Restaurant natural park you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, pastry and more afterwards.

... Until getting delicious and honest Lelystad products

Take a bike ride along the fields and forests in the versatile Lelystadse Boer area. There is much to see and discover along the way. The area is not called the 'vegetable garden of Europe' for nothing! While you are exploring, don't forget to stock up on delicious local produce from the stalls at the farms.

You can find TOP Boer en Bos at Vlotgrasweg 11, 8219 PP Lelystad

Made possible in part by: Municipality of Lelystad, De Lelystadse Boer & Het Flevo-landschap.


TOP Boer en Bos
Vlotgrasweg 11
8219 PP Lelystad

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