Twee-mast brigantijn Bounty

Go on a voyage of discovery with a beautiful and unique square rigged sailing ship. Experience an unforgettable GOLDEN CENTURY sailing experience where the wind takes us in a luxurious and comfortable way.

Sailing ship Bounty

After a major renovation and rebuilding, Zeilschip Bounty was rechristened in 2004 as a beautiful two-masted brigantine. This traditional square rigged ship with its 9 sails (405m2 sail area) and 114 lines is unique on the Dutch inland waterways. Alex & Merilyn van Klaveren and their crew ensure that both individual day trippers and exclusive groups from home and abroad experience an unforgettable sailing experience.

Natural & adventurous Flevoland! Join us on a journey of discovery

Go on a journey of discovery: step aboard in the Bataviahaven in Lelystad and be surprised by the hospitable crew. After receipt we throw the bunches loose. Enthusiasts can help hoist the sails and determine the course. Especially for the young pirates we have hidden a real treasure chest on board and they can also help with steering the ship.

Sailing where the wind takes us

The passive sailors can also enjoy this voyage of discovery in a relaxed manner. With a snack and drink in hand on one of our lounge cushions, they too can let themselves be pampered by the professional Bounty crew. Enjoy the elements on the water: sun, freedom, tranquility and the wind in your hair. After this beautiful sailing experience you set foot safely on the mainland again and you step off board happy and satisfied. That tastes like more to experience the next adventure / different sailing experience theme. Of course you can also invite other people to welcome on board.

Extra special boat trips

To make your trip with Sailing Ship Bounty even more memorable, you can rent the ship with a group of a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 50 people and sail to Marker Wadden. After a beautiful sailing trip of about 1 ½ hours, the New Land comes into view. Europe's largest natural restoration project is within reach. We moor and disembark. Put on your walking boots or take off your shoes and feel the new white sand of 12,000 years old between your toes on the beautiful beach. You can choose from a 4-hour group package with or without lunch and a 6-hour group package including a delicious barbecue.

Another option is to sail towards the horizon for an afternoon and evening with a snack and a drink under the musical accompaniment of a professional DJ. Active sailing and meanwhile enjoying the wonderful live sets. With your feet off the deck or just relax on the lounge deck and enjoy the view, there is something for everyone! This experience can also be booked for individual travelers.

For a truly special and unique experience, book the Bounty upgrade package LED Lightshow. As the sun slowly sets and dusk follows, the beautiful square-rigged sails are slowly lit with different colors. This package is ideal for a birthday, company outing, harbor event, friends party or a wedding party. This stylish Bounty LED Lightshow arrangement is the only one of its kind on the water in the Netherlands.

Do you also want to sail with us? For more information, go to www.zeilschipbounty.nl or feel free to contact us.

Contact details:

Phone: 0320-820204
mail: info@zeilschipbounty.nl

Contacts: Alex & Merilyn van Klaveren


Schoonzicht 404
8242KH Lelystad

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