Watersport Vereniging Lelystad

Our harbor has almost 600 berths and our association, founded in 1975, is one of the largest water sports associations affiliated with the Watersportverbond with approx. 900 members. The association is run by a large number of volunteers who are part of the board and committees.

Our port has nearly 600 berths and our one was established in 1975
association is one of the largest in the Netherlands with approx. 900 members
Watersportverbond affiliated water sports associations. The Union
is kept running by a large number of volunteers who participate
making up the board and committees. They are supported by two
full-time harbor masters and a part-time secretary who, together with the
secretary and webmaster maintain the website www.wvlelystad.nl.
Peter Frijling and Jan Akkerman are our harbor masters and Ella
Dekker-Duister and Akke Thijsseling take care of the administration (Ella is
available on working days from 9 am to 12 noon, 0320 260 424. Akke
Thijsseling is present on Thursday and Friday mornings from 8.30 - 12.30
hour). The members are 'owners' or 'shareholders' of the association
and determine the policy to be pursued during the members' meetings.

Four entrepreneurs are located on the site of the WVL
lease their business premises from the association. The Van Eijck family
(yacht painter), the Rühl family (motorcycle workshop), Guido Botter and
Erik Titulaer (Brasserie de Houtrib) and the Cossee family
(ship supplies, Ship's Shop). Because the WVL by volunteers
the costs for berths can be kept relatively low
turn into. Involvement in the association and participation in the board and / or
commissions is highly appreciated and to some extent necessary
for the survival of our association in its current form.


Watersport Vereniging Lelystad
Houtribhaven 2

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