Werkeiland Lelystad

The oldest part of Lelystad.

Historic Lelystad

Werkeiland Lelystad was the first inhabited part of the not yet reclaimed Eastern Flevoland, now part of the Lelystad-Haven district. An island, Plot P, in the middle of the IJsselmeer, formed the starting point for the dike construction around the new polder in 1950. Barracks were built for dike and polder workers, initially made of wood. The second came stone buildings.

The inhabitants of the workers' camp led an isolated life; namely on an island in the IJsselmeer. Workers took their wife and children and the island was supplied by ship. Many women went by boat to Harderwijk every Saturday morning to do their shopping there. When the IJsselmeer froze over in 1954, a helicopter had to bring supplies to the camp.

In October 1954 the Knardijk was closed and a direct connection with Harderwijk was created. The ring dike of Eastern Flevoland was closed in September 1956, and in June 1957 the polder became dry. The first inhabitants of Lelystad arrived until 1967, until that tide Lelystad consisted only of this work island.

Werkeiland Lelystad is now part of the Lelystad-Haven district. You can see the difference because of the age and architecture because the stone camp is still largely identical. The old working harbor is now a marina.

TIP: Hotel de Lange Jammer

This centuries-old and beautifully restored building is located on Werkeiland. The building serves as Hotel de Lange Jammer.

Knowing more?

Want to stay informed about the Werkeiland? Then look at: www.lelystad.nl/Werkeiland


Werkeiland Lelystad

8244AA Lelystad

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