Welcome to the MTB Children's Route Lelystad!

Children have priority on this MTB route! Enjoy this fine MTB route of 10 kilometers in the Zuigerplasbos by following the “Druppie-arrows”.
His head (tip on top) shows you the way. Lots of fun!

Why an arrow in the shape of a drop? Well, because here you are cycling on what used to be the bottom of a real sea! In the past there was only water here, but people have thought that it would be good to have more land for agriculture, industry and housing. That is why the Zuiderzee has partly been reclaimed and Flevoland has been created. Due to the construction of the Afsluitdijk, the water had already turned into a freshwater lake: the IJsselmeer. The Zuigerplasbos you drive through here was created after the ground in the middle was used to make more dikes and a puddle (small lake) was created. Trees and plants have started to grow around this. Very nice for playing, walking and cycling!

What's fun about the MTB Kinderroute Lelystad? The beauty of this route is that it only goes through the Zuigerplasbos and you don't have to cross a busy road anywhere. Beautiful paths have been laid out on the route that go up and down with a few jump bumps and with many bends. Sometimes you have to climb quite a bit, but then there is always a nice walk down! A small part goes through the Belevenissenbos where ponies often run loose in summer. You can choose two places in the route to go straight through the water, especially nice and refreshing when it is very hot!

Where can you start? The nice thing about the route is that you can start it almost anywhere in the Zuigerplasbos. There are information boards in two parking lots and those are the official starting places:

Parking lot Zuigerplasbos, Zuigerplasdreef, Lelystad
Parking space at the end of the Bosweg, Lelystad

The Children's Route Lelystad is maintained by the MTB Lelystad Foundation:
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and is made possible in part by:
Municipality of Lelystad, Track & Trails and State Forestry