Discover the unique nature of Lelystad

Lelystad is known for its unique natural character. From relaxed forests and parks to the rugged nature of the Oostvaardersplassen, with everything in between. Lelystad is the ideal place for a walk or bike ride through the greenery. There are also regular excursions, activities and events in nature. For children there are, for example, the playground equipment in the Belevenissenbos or the treasure hunts in Nature Park Lelystad, enough variety for a whole day of entertainment. All nature reserves can be visited free of charge, but in some cases parking costs may apply.

New Land National Park
Nieuw Land National Park is the largest man-made nature park in the world. The park consists of the Oostvaardersplassen, the Lepelaarplassen, the Markermeer and Marker Wadden. The peace, space and abundance of food make Nieuw Land National Park a Valhalla for many animals.

Marker Wadden
Marker Wadden is a unique nature project consisting of landscaped islands of sand, clay and silt from the bottom of the Markermeer. It is an oasis of peace and a breeding ground for rare bird species. We are working hard on the development of a nature harbor, walking routes, bird watching huts and a beach on one of the islands.


At the bottom of the former Zuiderzee, a nature reserve has been created that is unparalleled in Europe: the Oostvaardersplassen. Tens of thousands of birds come here to refuel or find their nesting place during bird migration. All kinds of wild animals traverse the plains here

Nature Park Lelystad

Come face to face with wild animals such as boars, Przewalski horses and bison. Look for the otters or even try to spot a moose. And all in a natural environment, Lelystad Nature Park is an important link for many endangered animal species on the way to a life in the wild. Learn about the animals from the information boards or at the visitor center next to the entrance. Here hostesses and hosts tell about the park and the various activities that are organized with personal attention and love. Bicycles and wheelchairs can also be rented at the visitor center.

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