Miles of deafening silence

Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smit set foot on the Marker Wadden this spring and were very enthusiastic. They described their journey in their travel guide as one of the big surprises on their journey through the Netherlands. Rightly so. It is a unique area, an experience for every nature lover. The silence is deafening and the panoramic view is simply impressive.

You can discover the island via the 12 kilometers of hiking trails. From the many vantage points you can enjoy the views and you can spot endless birds, because more than 100 different birds live on the Marker Wadden, such as the wagtail, the sandpiper and the little tern. But in addition to birds, the Marker Wadden is also a paradise for fish, plants and insects.

Tip: pay a visit to it beach pavilion, where you can immediately relax.

- Regular ferry service

- Visit the Markerwadden with the MS Waddenzee
- Visit the Markerwadden with Sailing Ship Bounty