Cycling route: Nieuw Land National Park (short variant)


In the middle of our country, in Flevoland, is the youngest national park in the Netherlands: Nieuw Land National Park.

In Flevoland you will find Nieuw Land National Park, with the Oostvaardersplassen, Marker Wadden, Lepelaarplassen and Markermeer as its core. A true paradise for many species of birds - you will definitely need those binoculars!

In 1968, the Flevopolder was drained and replaced by meadows, villages and towns. Yet a large, wet part also remained unused. Instead of an industrial estate, a swamp was created on that spot, with ponds, reed beds and willow forests. Nature, with all its flora and fauna, seized its chance. Geese, spoonbills and cormorants soon found their way to the Oostvaardersplassen, as did roe deer, foxes, hares, bats and butterflies. And since 2006 even the white-tailed eagle breeds there.

People and nature work together in a special way in this bird-rich marsh area. You will encounter Heck cattle, Konik horses and red deer along the way, which keep the grasslands open in a natural way with their grazing. And these animals in turn also require care and management. 

Discover this bird-rich wetland and experience how each season has its own dynamics and surprising developments. There are plenty of lookout points and bird hides along the way, which are well signposted.

Tip 1: 
The route is clockwise (clockwise). With a southwesterly wind (the wind that occurs most often in the Netherlands, clockwise is also best. With other winds, you can consider cycling the route the other way around. The Oostvaardersdijk is the longest and bareest part of the route.

Tip 2: 
Cycle 3D with the forester
Forest ranger Jody Bennink of Staatsbosbeheer has made a podcast, which gives you extra information while cycling. The podcast is part of 'Eropuit met de boswachter' by ANWB and was produced by PodWorkz.

Link podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/nl/podcast/eropuit-met-de-boswachter/id1572350230

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You will see this

Starting point of the route

TOP Oostvaardersplassen
Kitsweg 1
8218AA Lelystad


Oostvaardersplassen outdoor center

Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen is the starting point for a voyage of discovery through the Oostvaardersplassen. Several walking and cycling routes, numerous excursions and other activities start. Restaurants can also be found in the visitor center.


Viewpoint Grote Praambult

Looking out over the Oostvaardersplassen



The Knardijk is an inner dike that forms the border between Eastern and Southern Flevoland as a land divide.

End point of the route

TOP Oostvaardersplassen
Kitsweg 1
8218AA Lelystad


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