Hiking trail Knarbos


A walk through the Knarbos, which was created in 1974 on a former sandbank.

The route consists of three different loops, each through a different part of the forest. From the parking lot on the Knardijk you first walk in the direction of the Meeuwenweg and follow the field edges of the Meeuwenhoeve. You cross the road for a circular walk through the northwestern part of the forest. You walk through the forest, where you encounter cattle and ponies along the way. Then you will pass the Knardijk and the old working harbour, which is a reminder of the construction of the polders. Via a willow forest that arose spontaneously after the reclamation in 1968 and the western part of the Knarbos you arrive at the parking lot.

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Starting point of the route

8218 Lelystad



The Knarbos is approximately 500 ha in size and very varied. The center has an open character with a large pool. A herd of Icelandic ponies graze in the forest.


Party center De Meeuwenhoeve

Party center De Meeuwenhoeve is a great opportunity for your party. We have different rooms, so that there is a suitable space for every group.

End point of the route

8218 Lelystad

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