Walking route Oostvaardersveld


We are going for a walk through a unique nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Initially, an industrial area was to be created here, but due to the failure of this plan, a nature reserve was developed in this wet part of Southern Flevoland. The mud flats and lakes landscape turned out to be popular with birds. Later on, Konik horses, red deer and Heck cattle were also released. And about 15 years ago, the White-tailed Eagle also started breeding here. 
The Oostvaardersplassen are only accessible to a limited extent. To get an impression of life in the nature reserve, the Oostvaardersveld has been designed as a showcase for the Oostvaardersplassen. An area with wild vegetation, willow forest, swamp, geese and Konik horses. Halfway through the walk we arrive at the small Praambult, one of the lookout points of the Oostvaardersplassen.

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Starting point of the route

Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad


Gnomepad Oostvaardersplassen

Did you know that gnomes live around here? At least, we think so, because you see gnome trails everywhere. Are you going on a voyage of discovery to gnome tracks? Then come to the Kabouterpad.


Oostvaardersplassen outdoor center

Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen is the starting point for a voyage of discovery through the Oostvaardersplassen. Several walking and cycling routes, numerous excursions and other activities start. Restaurants can also be found in the visitor center.

End point of the route

Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad

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