Tulip route Flevoland: from April 10 to May 2


Monday 1 March 2021

Tulip route Flevoland: from April 10 to May 2

Tulip Route Flevoland is held from April 10 to May 2. While Tulip Route Flevoland was unfortunately canceled at the last minute by corona in 2020, everything is aimed at ensuring that the event (possibly with an adjusted set-up) will take place in 2021. 'We are doing everything we can to ensure that Tulip Route Flevoland 2021 runs safely. We will follow the current guidelines of the RIVM along the route. We inform visitors via our website. Together we ensure that it will be a beautiful, colorful and above all safe edition of Tulip Route Flevoland ', says chairman Herman Vermeer. This year's theme is peace. 'Peace stands for harmony, equality and color. This spring the tulips will give color to our beautiful province again! If anyone has a nice idea that fits the theme, we would of course like to hear about it. '

Corona proof
The focus for this edition is on spreading the visitors. Companies that want to organize an activity are themselves responsible for doing this corona proof. 'Day activities are also not allowed this year. If an activity takes place on a fixed day, too many people come together in one place. Of course that is not possible now. '

The plots in Flevoland, where tulips will soon bloom, are currently being inspected. The tulip growers recently planted small bulbs on nets, so that they can easily get them out of the ground in the spring. On the website of Tulip Route Flevoland you can find a 'tulip timeline', where you can follow the growth, flowering and processing exactly. Volunteers from Tulip Route Flevoland will soon be doing the biggest job: putting together the routes. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook. Because as soon as the routes are known, we will of course announce this to the world immediately before the Tulip Route. '